What is the full form of URL-Uniform Resource Locator?

Updated: February 17, 2024


The URL full form is called Uniform Resource Locator.

URL is a vital element of on-page SEO and a crucial ranking factor.

Each URL is unique, it is just like our residential addresses and is associated with a single webpage, blog, or website.

The information included in the URL Full-form structure

full form of URL

A URL structure consists of several components, such as:


Full Form of HTTP and HTTPS

  1. HTTP ➡ Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  2. HTTPS ➡ Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

1: HTTP sites are considered insecure and entail potential risks, including data leakage as unencrypted data is transmitted via this protocol, among other issues. To increase security, websites can implement SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which converts the site to HTTPS.

2018 Google updated its SSL installation policy, mandating its application for all websites from 2019 onward. Without SSL, Google will not rank a site.

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Moving on to the next URL component, let’s discuss “WWW.

2: WWW is an abbreviation for the World Wide Web. Some time ago, we used abbreviations like WAN (Wide Area Network) and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) to describe networks.

However, the concept of a broad area network is now outdated, and Google treats “WWW” as a subdomain.

For example:

Consider https://trend.google.com/, where “Trend” is a subdomain.

Google has numerous domains, many valuable for SEO purposes,

such as https://ads.google.com/ and https://maps.google.com. “Ads” and “maps” are both subdomains of Google.

In summary

  • WWW ▶ World Wide Web ▶ Subdomain

So far, we’ve discussed two parts of a URL: HTTP and WWW.

Now, let’s explore the third component.

  1. Seoboostweb.com is the domain name.
  2. .Com ➡ Top-Level Domain (TLD).

3: Types of TLDs.

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TLDs come in two types.

  • Global TLDs ➡ .com, .net, .info, .io, .org
    • (Global TLDs are commonly used for blogging.)
  • Local TLDs ➡ .pk, .com, .in, .ca, etc.
    • (Local TLDs are often used for service-based businesses.)

When considering domain preferences, .com is generally the preferred choice,

followed by .net and .info.

4: The fourth part of the URL is: Directory

Full form of URL:   https://www.example.com/on-page-seo/titles-and-tags/

/On-pageSEO/ ▶directory

/titles-and-tags/ ▶ Slug 

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full form URL

This is a directory where we organize our blogs or content on related topics. The slug represents the exact topic of our blogs and relates to the previously mentioned directory in the URL.

Detailed video about URLs is

Types of URLs

URLs come in two types

  • Dynamic URLs contain symbols like ID, comma, and? =.
  • Static URLs: These are straightforward URLs with no symbols, only hyphens (-).

Google typically favors and ranks static URLs. It’s advisable to use static URLs to improve the chances of ranking. For pages you don’t want to be indexed, consider making them static URLs.

Occasionally, links may lead to 404 error pages, and managing this situation is essential. We should redirect old URLs to new ones. For permanent redirection, the 301 method should be employed.

SEO Slug Best Practices
  • Keep slugs short.
  • Ensure they are unique.
  • Relevant to the content.
  • Make them easy to understand.
  • Incorporate keywords for better search engine optimization.
Bad Practices for Slug in SEO
  • Avoid excessively long URLs.
  • Refrain from using symbols.
  • Steer clear of using dates and years.
  • Do not use generic keywords.
  • Avoid similar permalinks.

Ideally, an SEO slug should be around 50 characters in length. Each URL should be unique and reflect the content’s relevance. It should also incorporate keyword-rich elements.

What is URL Abbreviation?

The URL abbreviation is called Uniform Resource Locator.

URL ka full form?

Such as:

https://www.seoboostweb.com/on-page-seo/title-and-tags/ is the full form of URL.

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